Johan Corminboeuf

My Muse

My Muse

My muse is a personal video project dedicated to Méline, a person who inspired me like no one else to create. She pushed my creativity and myself far away from my comfort zone. Through this video, I want to share how she inspired me to create.

It’s a connection. It’s about love and passion. It’s about feelings. It’s about being able to let go and let your creative mind be you.

This project and our story needed a lot of trust and confidence and I'm blessed we could make it. When we met 3 years ago, it was too hard to handle my feelings so I had to put a stop to this strange relationship after a couple of months. We were young and I might have been too much in love. But I didn’t know it was not the usual way of loving someone but a different one.

A few months ago, we met again for a professional photo shoot, the great connection between us was still active and after a deep conversation we decided to make a video about it. I asked her how far I could push her sensuality and she told me “As far as you want”.

With her, I discovered a new way to love someone. It’s the love that gives you the strength and the energy to create, to think and see the world differently. I understood I had to accept and trust my fear of unknown feelings and just let go, to be able to create my best personal project.

Some photos

Stills from the video

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